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A Memorable Water Heritage Walk in Patan

IMG_0057 (800x600)

A girl collecting water in a hiti

Reported By: Suchana Phuyal

As  a part of  Nepal National Water Week 2013, Water Heritage Walk was conducted on the 20thMarch 2013 by The Small Earth Nepal. More than 50 people from different organizations participated in this program. The objective of this walk focused on identifying the condition of the hitis of Patan area. The program started with the little information and welcome speech from Mr. Mahendra Bahadur Gurung, Vice-Chairman of Nepal National Water Week 2013. This program was then briefed by the Mr. Prayag Raj Joshi through the introduction of the importances of the Hitis around the historical place of Patan area.

IMG_0058 (800x600)

A queue for collecting water

The program started with observation of the Puch Hiti in front of Lalitpur Municipality Office, Pulchowk and ended at the Cyasah Hiti. Through the walk we came to know that the development of city had put direct impact to these water sources. Private boring of water throughout the city haphazardly has caused the drying of the source of water.   Few of them have already been out of function and are on the stage of defunctness. Most of them were dried and few hitis on use were only dripping. Only Wasah Hiti was functioning properly and had queue for water.The quality of water of this hiti was taken as the standard quality as recommended by WHO. Some of the hitis were being used by local people to collect water at night. The collected water was then distributed to local people later through water supply system. The dried hitis were left unmaintained. Moreover, the hitis seemed unmanaged due to throwing of garbages and other wastages.

IMG_0001 (800x600)

The mismanagement of hiti

The hitis are of great cultural and historical importance. Their unmanaged situation not only affects the local people over there but also the nation as a whole. The foremost effect is seen as a gradual decrement in sources of water. Other considerable effects seen are direct hindrances to the historical and cultural matters that are being preserved till now. This consequently hampers the economy of the country.

So, we should work together for better condition of these hitis. We should create awareness among people over there and motivate them to reconstruct, maintain and preserve the water sources immediately for the future generation.

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