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Join UNertia

UNEP is very pleased to announce that UNertia, an initiative of UNESCO Bangkok in collaboration with UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific is being launched today at http://joinunertia.org/

UNertia is a campaign and competition that aims to encourage everyone, particularly young people, students and schools in the Asia-Pacific region, to engage in sustainable actions that will benefit their communities and address problems at the local level. UNertia is a response to the global “inertia” regarding sustainable development – we think it’s time to turn awareness into action for a more sustainable world.

There are three main ways of participating in UNertia:

1) Individuals can partake in the campaign by visiting the UNertia website and submitting a photo and description of a sustainable action related to one of the main campaign themes: energy, waste, water and green spaces. Visitors to the website will be able to vote for their favourite sustainable actions and every two months UNESCO and the UNEP will give away two Nikon cameras to those who have the most votes. Our aim is to reach 10,000 actions by the end of June 2014.

2) Schools and youth organisations at the primary, secondary or tertiary level can join the competition by submitting a sustainable action plan of one of the four themes. Schools and groups will use the UNertia website to post blog updates and upload photos showcasing how their action is progressing. They must submit a final report by June 2014, which will be evaluated by a panel of judges. The winning schools/groups will receive funding to sustain their actions beyond the competition.

3) Companies and organisations can partner with UNertia to support the actions of youth for a more sustainable world.

For more information, please see the attached brochure, visit the website: www.joinunertia.org.

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